Basildon Education Services Trust (BEST), registered charity number 1138281, has been working as a partnership of Basildon Schools since 2010. Together we work in collaboration to raise the attainment and aspirations of our children and young people. Basildon schools are more committed to collaboration and co-operation than at any previous time. For the most part, this is due to the formation of the Basildon Excellent Panel, which has brought together a number of key principles.

We have recruited an extremely well-respected national educationalist, Sir Mike Tomlinson, CBE, as the independent Chair of the Basildon Excellence Panel. Collaborative work between Essex County Council, Basildon Council, the schools in Basildon (facilitated by BEST) and other key stakeholders, can provide the rigour and accountability required. There is joint recognition by all parties that our first priority is to raise pupil achievement and improve school standards to overcome years of underperformance. This is vital if we are going to enable our young people in Basildon to achieve their potential and maximise their choices in adult and working life.

We believe that parents want the best for their children and for them to succeed, but are sometimes unsure how best to help. In our schools pupils want to do their best and show what they are capable of.

The next few years are the most important in a generation for Basildon, its young people, its schools and the wider community. We have seen educational transformation happen elsewhere and there is no reason it can't happen in our town. We have evidence of what works well and the crucial impact of leadership and management on the quality teaching and learning. Everyone will benefit if we can move forward with confidence and seize the opportunities.

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Session 3: BEP Aspiring to Outstanding Programme 2016 - 2017 - For BEP Schools Only

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BEP Education Director Appointed

BEP Education Director Appointed

The Trustees of the Basildon Education Partnership are pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Butt to the role of Education Director at BEP from 1st September 2016.

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Basildon Excellence Panel (BEP) Recognition of Excellence Award Ceremony 2016

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